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Organic Church Practitioners Sharing about Ephesians 4 and APEST Leadership 

Christ Is The Gift: Teaching on Ephesians 4 by Neil Cole The 4-1-1 on Ephesians 4:11 Roles by  Neil Cole, Alan Hirsch & Wolfgang Simson

Apostolic Leadership by Neil Cole & Ross Rohde

Prophetic Leadership by Dezi Baker & Neil Gamble

Evangelistic Leadership by Ed Waken & Scott Wilson

Shepherding Leadership by Phil Helfer

Teaching Leadership by Paul Kaak

One & a Half Hour Workshops-only $.99

Being a Disciple Worth Reproducing by Curtis Sergeant

From the Campus to the Marketplace by Neil Cole, Anita Lee & Caleb Lin

Organic Church & the Black Communityby Robert Caldwell, Cue & Don Graves

Organic Church & the Tough Questions of the GLBT Community by Deb Hirsch

Organic Church Urban Strategies Panel by Carlos Borges, Clive Craigen, Robert Caldwell & Jared Looney

Transforming A City by Jason Evans, Brad Fieldhouse & Scott Wilson

Women and Leadership in the Organic Church by Felicity Dale & Katie Driver

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